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Colourcoil Industries is dedicated to educating and improving the standards and professionalism of the metal roofing & wall cladding industry. As it is virtually impossible to explain all aspects of pre-painted steel materials in our website, we hope that Colourcoil e-newsletter will help improve your knowledge and to gain a better insight into the coil coating and metal roofing industry.

a) What is a Cool Metal Roof

b) Green Building index - Solar reflective index (SRI)
     requirements for roof

c) Cool Question - How does solar reflectance of metal
     roofing compares to other roofing material?

d) Why cool metal roofs are way cool?

e) What are solar infrared-reflective pigments?

f ) What is the difference a cool roof, a white roof, a
    green  roof? What about solar?

Cool Question - Can insulation be as effective as a
     cool metal roof?

h) The planet is warming. Cool roofs can cool it down

i) Be Cool - Cool Metal Roofs provide Long-Term Energy
    and Durability Benefits for Buildings

j) Article on Cool roofing metals in Roof & Facade Asia

k) Be Cool - Cool Metal Roofs Provide Long-Term Energ
     and Durability Benefits for Buildings

l) Something old , something new - metal retrofits
     invigorates existing buildings

m) Electricity Consumption: Our Responsibility

n) Cool Roof Reflections

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