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The selection of  prepainted  steel   material  is crucial in that, it determines the long-term colour performance of the roof or wall. As most downstream roofing and wall cladding manufacturers purchase their colour coated steel from coil coaters like Colourcoil Industries, it is important that you not only specify the type of roof profile according to your technical requirements, but to pay equal attention to specifying the correct quality of the pre-painted raw material so as to ensure optimal performance of the metal roof in total.

In our bid to help save the environment, COLOURCOIL®  high performance  pre-painted steel are completely lead-free.

As more and more attention is given to our global upward spiralling energy costs and the preservation of our environment, Colourcoil Industries is promoting the development and use of environmentally responsible, energy-efficient, Solar Reflective pre-painted roofing metals for "Cool Metal Roofs".  

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A  roof  or  wall  creates  a   statement   and   makes  the  first impression quickly and more effective than any other architectural component of a building. Hence, during the selection of metal roofing or wall cladding for your home or prestigious project, two important items to look at are

(1) the prepainted steel material (i.e. color coated steel in coil or sheet form) and

(2) the actual metal roof or wall cladding profile.

COLOURCOIL®  high performance pre-painted  steel are coated with high quality proprietary anti-fading and anti-staining paint formulations, cured using infra-red technology. They are available in a wide range of exciting colours and come with true warranties of up to 20 years against colour fading, chalking and delamination as well as a 25 year warranty against corrosion.