Why Pre-painted Steel

General Information on Prepainted Steel

Today's industries are now switching more and more to the usage of prepainted steel. These industries include those that construct buildings, manufacture automotive components, appliances, furniture, as well as roofing and walling. This usage is increasing dramatically because of its practicality and efficiency involved with the manufacturing of products requiring colour coated steel.

For the metal roofing and wall cladding industry, there are no longer any requirements to paint the roofing sheet before or after fabrication eliminating the need for high initial costs required for the setting up of painting facility which involves surface preparation works, spraying and baking or drying operations. This translates to lower production costs for metal roof and wall cladding manufacturers leading to more affordable and sellable colour coated roofing and wall cladding products.

Hence, the manufacturing of prepainted steel are left to coil coaters such as Colourcoil Industries who are specialist in colour metal coating technology. Our coil coating facility uses the latest state of the art infra-red curing technology and by using high quality paints, we are able to truly produce "world-class" high performance prepainted steel in the form of coils or sheet. This technology is the first to be employed in the Asia-Pacific region.

As the quality of prepainted steel is an important criterion in the selection of the appropriate metal roofing or wall cladding, read on and find out how COLOURCOIL® high performance prepainted steel can make a difference to your investment.

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