PVF2 SeriesTM

COLOURCOIL®  PVF2 SeriesTM  [20/25 yr warranty]

Outstanding colour & gloss retention enhancing contemporary concepts
Exceptional performance against nature's enviroment

      •  Full strength 70% PVF2 KYNAR 500® Fluorocarbon (PVDF) paint system with
         100% Ceramic / Inorganic solar reflective pigments
      •  Energy-efficient colours compliant to Energy Star® and GBI  "(Green Building
          Index) requirements for the downstream manufacturing of cool metal roofs 
      •  Anti-Fading & Anti-Staining paint formulation
      •  Aluminum Zinc alloy substrate preferred
      •  25% Gloss level
      •  20 year warranty* against colour fading, chalking and delamination
      •  25 year warranty* against corrosion
      •  Environmentally Friendly - NO LEAD CONTENT!

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PVF2 SeriesTM is a custom formulated fluorocarbon solar reflective paint system designed for ultimate colour and gloss retention providing lasting outdoor performance. Applied over ALZ55 (55% aluminum-zinc coated steel), this high performance pre-painted steel will exceed the service life of any other coating systems.

General exterior architectural applications, especially for long-term, maintenance-free applications. Roofing & wall cladding in residential, industrial & commercial construction.

PVF2 SeriesTM finishes consist of full strength 70% Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® fluoropolymer resin. The remaining 30% is a proprietary acrylic polymer. Only specially selected, lead-free colourfast ceramic/inorganic reflective pigments are used in PVF2 Series colours. Heat and sunlight resistance of these pigments has been field-proven for many years in real world 45 degrees South Florida exposures. This proprietary reliable combination of resins and pigments is available in a wide range of long-life finishes able to resist changes and general appearance while preserving film integrity and coating properties.