COLOURCOIL®  ELITE SeriesTM  [10/25 yr warranty]

► Living colour blending with mother nature's rich heritage
► Classic natural tones to complement any architectural art

     •  Special Infra-Red Super Durable Polyester paint system with 100%
        inorganic/ceramic solar reflective pigments 
     •  Energy-efficient colours compliant to Energy Star® and GBI "(Green Building
        Index) requirements for the downstream manufacturing of cool metal roofs 
     •  Anti-Fading & Anti-Staining paint formulation
     •  Aluminum - Zinc alloy substrate preferred
     •  25% Gloss Level
     •  10 year warranty* against colour fading, chalking and delamination
     •  25 year warranty* against corrosion
     •  Environmentally Friendly - NO LEAD CONTENT!'

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*Warranty terms & conditions apply

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ELITETM Series is the most innovative and advanced Ceramic polyester paint consisting of a solar-reflective system designed for ultimate colour and gloss retention providing lasting outdoor performance meeting GBI & Energy Star standard & requirements.

General exterior architectural applications.
Roofing & wall cladding in residential, industrial & commercial construction.

ELITE SeriesTM finishes are made from high end 100% Ceramic pigments polyester paint system. Only specially selected, lead-free colourfast ceramic/inorganic infrared solar reflective pigments are used in ELITE Series colours. This proprietary polyester system was proven under years of harsh 45 South Florida exposures to resist changes in colour and general appearance while preserving intergrity and coating properties.