Customized Solutions

Colourcoil Industries' latest State-of-the-art continuous paint line technology allows efficient production of high quality coatings on metal strip in smaller quantities. No matter what quantity or size requirements, export or domestic inquiries will be entertained by our customer support team.

Colourcoil's coating services maybe customised at our client's request using the following materials and specifications:

Available Coatings

     •   Regular Polyester (commercial quality)
     •   Infra-Red Super Durable Polyester Coating with 100% ceramic pigments
     •   Silicon Modified Polyester (SMP)
     •   full strength 70% fluorocarbon PVF2 (KYNAR 500) / PVDF matt finish
     •   full strength 70% fluorocarbon PVF2 (KYNAR 500) / PVDF metallic finish
     •   full strength 70% Kynar 500 Infrared Solar Reflective paint coatings
     •   Acrylics

Available Substrates

    •  55% Aluminum-Zinc coated Steel 
    •  Galvanized Steel 
    •  Aluminum
    •  Cold Roll Steel
    •  Stainless Steel

Size Availability


     •  Coating systems  or configurations maybe customized to suit client's  
     •  Top Coat can be 2-coat or 3-coat system (primer + base
         coat + finishing coat) 
     •  Backing can be single service coat or primer + backer coat
     •  Both sides can also be colour coated
     •  Laminating services provided
     •  Colour matching services provided at no additional charges

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Base Metal Thickness

Strip Width

Max Exit Coil Weight

Coil Internal Diameter

0.15mm - 1.2 mm

400 mm - 1300 mm

3 m.t - 10 m.t

508 mm - 610 mm