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To position the roofing industry to contend with rising energy costs and environmental pollution, as well as to advance the goal of making the built environment more energy efficient and sustainable, Colourcoil Industries, an ENERGY STAR ® partner, is promoting the development and use of energy efficient "SOLAR REFLECTIVE" pre-painted steel for the downstream manufacturing of  "cool metal roofs".

       COLOURCOIL ® High Performance Pre-painted Steel

For the downstream manufacturing of metal roofing and wall cladding, Colourcoil has developed special lead-free, high quality prepainted steel products (i.e. also known as colour coated steel or color steel) in coil or sheet form. They come in a wide range of colours with warranties against colour fading, chalking, peeling and corrosion.

          Customized Pre-painted Metal Solutions

Need a special coating system or a different type of metal substrate for your coating? Colourcoil Industries is able to provide professional advise to downstream manufacturers and designers. For more info on our coating services, visit our webpage for customized solutions.

 KOOL Energy-efficient Solar Reflective Pre-painted steel

       Welcome to Colourcoil Industries

Welcome and thank you for visiting Colourcoil's website. Browse through to find out more about our latest state-of-the-art coil coating & infra-red curing technology as well as our high performance, lead-free pre-painted steel products. Export or Domestic Inquiries welcome.